Alemayehu Makonnen Farm

About Us

We are a private seed company based in Halaba, Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region and Merti Oromia Region of Ethiopia.

Our farm in Halaba covers 700ha of land. We have 40ha Center Pivot irrigation system for Hybrid Maize seed production. The rest of the land is covered by Wheat, Haricot Beans and Teff production.


Production of:

1.  Hybrid Maize

2.  Wheat

3. Haricot Beans and

4. Teff

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Our first farm based in Halaba, SNNPR started operation in May 2007. The aim of our project is to build up a seed production farm to allow local and farms of Ethiopia to benefit from quality Hybrid Maize seed. Since the start of this farm our company has reached nearly 23000 farmers throughout our region and different parts of the country.

We recently established a new farm in Merti Wereda, Oromia region in 2012 covering an area of 260ha of which 160 ha is covered by Center Pivot irrigation system. 

Both our farms are dedicated in producing quality Hybrid Maize seed to allow farms get maximum yields from our products.